Vintage Kustom Kasino Model 802 Guitar Amplifier 200w

Barely Used Fender 65 Twin Reverb Vintage Reissue Guitar Amplifier
Barely Used Fender 65 Twin Reverb Vintage Reissue Guitar Amplifier
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 154172305171662030 Vintage Kustom Kasino Model 802 Guitar Amplifier 200w

Vintage 200 watt SOLID STATE “combo” guitar amplifier from
Kustom’s 1970's Kasino line. These amps were identical
to the standard Kustoms, with the exception of being covered with standard tolex
instead of Kustom’s more famous and flashier “tuck and roll” material to
keep the price down a bit. The cabinet is closed back, but vented. The
cab measures 42" tall, 26" wide and 11" deep overall. Yeah, it's

This 200 watt amp features clean to crunchy sound, no hums or buzz whatsoever. All 8 of the original 10” speakers which were replaced within the last 2
years with brand new speakers, as the originals had long-ago dry rotted and all the original
hardware is intact. The entire cabinet is made from 5/8” birch ply (No
MDF/Particle Board) and is loaded with 7 Jensen Mods (35 watts each) and
ONE Eminence BP10 (the Eminence was the speaker used for PA mic’ing due
to its punchier tone), and the amp was only gigged once last year since
the refurb. She’s also been upgraded to a three prong power plug for
safety and the cabinet connection has been upgraded with a longer ¼”
speaker cable (16 gauge) which allows use with another head, if that’s
what moves you. I’ve run the cab with a Univox 50 watt head and it
sounded great; with a Marshall 1987 plugged into the cabinet you could
play with The Who if the call came. With the built in amp or a Fender head, you're absolutely King of the Delta Sound! The cab is wired to run 4 ohms, but
one wire inside the cabinet can easily be switched to run at 16 ohms if
you need to match another amp head; with more than 250 watts speaker capability,
you’ll never run out of headroom. This amp will run from bedroom quiet
to arena loud; really quite a piece if this sound is what you're after.

This amp weighs well over 100 lbs., which explains why Kustom built some
heavy duty and fully functional casters into the bottom and built
metal, recessed handles into the sides and back. It also explains why
this piece will go with Local Pickup Only, UNLESS You can make
arrangements for packing and truck freight. This beast may not be for
everyone, but it’s for somebody. She’s clean; a little rough around the
edges after 40 years and the tolex is torn in a few hidden-from-view
places on the back, but it's in far better condition than most would
expect for a 35 year old piece. PayPal ahead of time or payment upon pick-up on this one. I am willing
to allow testing of the amp for FUNCTION, but I don’t run a music store. If you’re interested in buying, kindly have the funds available and a
vehicle large enough to haul it away when you come. As testing of the amp will be allowed, there will be NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM.

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