Vintage Jose Arredondo Modified Marshall Jcm 800 2203

Vintage Jose Arredondo Modified Marshall Jcm 800 2203 - Image 1Vintage Jose Arredondo Modified Marshall Jcm 800 2203 - Image 2
FBT Junior 200 Italian Vintage Guitar amplifier Never used early 1960s
FBT Junior 200 Italian Vintage Guitar amplifier Never used early 1960s
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Hello - this posting is for one of the rarest and most sought after guitar amplifiers in the world!!!

An original vintage 1982 marshall jcm 800 2203 that was modified by the late and legendary Jose Arredondo!
Jose is of course best known for working on Eddie Van Halen’s amps and was known as the Wizard of tone by many guitar legends.
Several satisfied customers of Jose's included James Hetfield, Steve Vai, Steve Stevens, John Sykes, yngwie malmsteen, Peter Framton, Mick Mars,
Jake E Lee and many others. There's a reason that all of these guitar players had incredible tone! They are all great players
and they all had Marshall's modified by Jose Arredondo plugged in behind them.
This on even still has the old "ARRCO ELECTRONICS MUSIC STUDIO" sticker attached to the back of the amp.
Arrco was of course Jose's shop, though he actually did most of the work on these amps at home in his garage.
Jose passed away some years ago and with him went most if not all of his secrets!

This particular amp is absoloutely unbelievable! I own literally over 50 old marshalls and nothing sounds like this amp.
This one is truly a piece of history as well... it's been used on numerous platinum selling albums as well as being
one of the amps that toured with one of the artist's listed above.
This one still has the "computer graphic stickers" attached on the front of the amp. It did have some other stickers as well
at one time. Including a no bozo's sticker around 1984...:)
This amazing head is a great example of what Jose did as modifications and features nearly
every mod Jose did on these incredible amps.
Here's a list....
Standby remote switch, full bypass buffered fx loop, extra pre amp for gain, both channels have push/pull pots for added gain stages,
MVC master control knob on the front and attenuator master vol, ability to blend both channels at the same time, pre amp out,
Special Jose "GAIN" imput for the ultimate modded Marshall sound youll ever hear.

I've only seen a handful of actual Jose Arredondo modified Marshalls in my life, and of course anyone who has one will never EVER part with it.
I saw one on auction a few years back and it went for an astronomical amount of money. Plain and simple there just arent many of these amps around.
And they never come up for sale. If someone owns one thers a reason it's not for sale... you'll never get it back. They are too good!
so here's your chance... someone is not only going to own the guitar amp of a lifetime, but also a piece of music history.
Good luck everyone... I actually feel sick to my stomach knowing I'm letting this amp go, but the economic times force it's sale.
Thanks for looking and once again Good Luck Everyone!

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