Sunn 1000s 1000 S Amp. Head Vintage “mandrill”

VERY RARE 1980s Sundown Amplifiers Vintage Guitar Amp Head
VERY RARE 1980s Sundown Amplifiers Vintage Guitar Amp Head
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 13322304808564680 Sunn 1000s 1000 S Amp. Head Vintage mandrill

 Now for the long STORY. I traded Aspen Pittman almost 30 years ago for this amp, back when he was starting "Groove Tubes" and working out of his house and garage with Red Rohdes in Sylmar, Ca. He got the amp from a group called "Mandrill",  you can find their albums on ebay. I bought a twin shortly after, so this amp has been sitting for a long time. Anyone who knows about amps, knows how loud this amp is. Like I said earlier, this amp was sitting for a long time, so I had all the electrolytic capacitors replaced. This amp has 4 6550 tubes 1-12AX7 and 1-12AU7 and 1-6AN8. The tubes themselves didn't really have a lot of hours on them, but I would still have them tested. This amp has a voice of its own. Vibrato and Reverb work great IMOP.  I have been testing it on a daily bases, since the caps were replaced, to make sure all the jacks, caps and controls work properly. The 6Z34 rectifier tubes were replaced with a solid state rectifier (not by me, I'm guessing when Aspen had it ). The handle has one of the caps that goes over the end missing, it does not effect the caring capacity of the amp, Tolex and grill cloth look great. These amps were used by such Greats as Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Leslie West etc. (I have pictures someplace).These are Great amps and very cool bass amps as well. Because of its age and used tubes it is being sold AS IS. It will be boxed up for maximum protection.  This amp IS heavy, so I am charging a flat fee of 85. to ship. Sold only to lower 48 states.

 13322304808564681 Sunn 1000s 1000 S Amp. Head Vintage mandrill

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