Harmony H303a – Vintage

Vintage 1955 Fender Princeton Tweed 5d2 Guitar amp amplifier Weber Jensen Champ
Vintage 1955 Fender Princeton Tweed 5d2 Guitar amp amplifier Weber Jensen Champ
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 30932705907329720 Harmony H303a   Vintage

An American Classic. This 5 watt (approx) output tube amp delivers excellent tone from it's 3 tube design. This is a hand-wired, point to point practice amp with a lot more appeal than the 5 watt combos being produced today. This amp delivers tone. If you like a vintage tube blues sound without rattling the pictures off your walls, you'll love this amp. It features 3 instrument inputs and a volume control. What more would any self-respecting Bluesman need?  The 3 tube complement (12au6, 50c5, and 35w4) are the guts of this amp. The grill cloth, tolex and handle are in very good condition for a 40+ year old amp. The tubes were tested and should have plenty of life left in them. When the time comes to replace them, they're still readily available and won't force you to take a second job to pay for them. This amp could handle live gigs if it were miked but it really shines in a studio setting. There's plenty of power to send the brand new Jensen Mod 6 speaker into a lovely blues saturated state. Turn it to 10 for a real eye opener. I continue to be amazed at the tone quality of smaller amps. I've said it before and I'll say it again - You don't need a big amp for big sound. High power tube amps generally need to be at really loud volumes in order to get the tubes and speakers growling. Not so with these smaller amps, they can do all the good stuff at much lower volume. Overall, this amp is in really good looking and excellent playing condition because.....

I just had it serviced at Fuchs Audio Technology - check them on the web. New caps and speaker. I also had a grounded power cord installed so there should be no safety worries to deal with. I've invested a fair amount of cash to get this amp up to "code" - It needs no work. Plug and play!!!

Due to the vintage nature of this amp, it will be sold as-is with no returns. I will only ship to the lower 48 and only through Paypal.

Thanks for looking! Better yet, buy it and listen!

 30932705907329721 Harmony H303a   Vintage

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