Ampeg Gemini Vi Vintage Amp

Gibson Ranger Vintage Guitar Amplifier Tweed Sweet
Gibson Ranger Vintage Guitar Amplifier Tweed Sweet
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 261991605083380100 Ampeg Gemini Vi Vintage Amp

Up for Auction is a Vintage 1966 Ampeg Gemini VI (Model GS-15-R) Guitar Amp, Serial number 022833.  This amp sounds great and still has most of the original components.  The cabinet is loaded with the original Jensen 15” 8-ohm speaker.  The filter caps and bias cap have been replaced (I still have the originals if you desire them).


Tubes are as Follows:

V1 – preamp – Phillips 12AX7

V2 – Reverb Drive – Ampeg/Sylvania 6CG7

V3 – Reverb Return/ Vibrato – Ampeg/Sylvania 12AX7

V4 – Phase Splitter – Ampeg/ Sylvania 7199

V5/V6 – Power – Ampeg/Sylvania 7591


I am not the original owner, but all tubes appear to be vintage and/or original.  The cabinet cloth has a few tears and dings but is in overall good condition. The grill cloth is in good condition.  The original echo/ vibrato footswitch and amp cover are included.


Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

 261991605083380101 Ampeg Gemini Vi Vintage Amp

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